To the man I love the most

It’s been a long time. This year will be 19 years without you in my life. I still remember how happy I am when I see you picking me up at school. It… Continue reading

Kita beruntung

Kita beruntung. Kita diberi kesempatan untuk sejenak diam dan merasakan jeda. Seperti diberikan waktu untuk mengenal diri sendiri. Untuk beristirahat. Dan memahami apa yang kita inginkan. Selama ini, kita sibuk merangkai semua keinginan… Continue reading

My thought about love

In the hall full of people, I heard it loud and clear. The opposite of love, is not hate. It is ignorance. In the ocean of troubles and waves of emotions, we relentlessly… Continue reading

I am here

February, 2019. You know the hardest part of care about someone else? To know that they hide their feelings. To actually see how the negativity kills their soul. No matter how small the… Continue reading

I let things unwritten

I used to write in long sentences, with all the detail so people can understand my thought while they’re reading my writings. I used to write to share my feelings, most likely the… Continue reading

Simple things we will do

Dear my love, In the morning, I will wake you up to drink water. We will hear the sound of the kettle, whistling loud letting us know that the water is boiling. I… Continue reading

Someone to blame

“Kak, aku udah ga kuat. Aku minta dilepaskan. I want him to let me go.” A few second after I read that message, there was only one thing crossed my mind. A decision… Continue reading

Dear Darling

Dear Darling, I haven’t met you yet. Or maybe, we already met. But I just forgot. Or maybe, we already spent such a great time together but now we are apart. This post… Continue reading

Half of Me

As extrovert as it is, I don’t think that people show themselves as a whole. Especially in social media, I think people tend to show things happened in their life that they choose… Continue reading

You can’t have my coffee #NeverAStanger

I like my coffee hot with froth milk and a hint of chocolate. I was on the coffee shop, ordering a cafĂ© latte while waiting for a friend. It seems like a long… Continue reading