Someone to blame

“Kak, aku udah ga kuat. Aku minta dilepaskan. I want him to let me go.” A few second after I read that message, there was only one thing crossed my mind. A decision… Continue reading

Dear Darling

Dear Darling, I haven’t met you yet. Or maybe, we already met. But I just forgot. Or maybe, we already spent such a great time together but now we are apart. This post… Continue reading

Half of Me

As extrovert as it is, I don’t think that people show themselves as a whole. Especially in social media, I think people tend to show things happened in their life that they choose… Continue reading

You can’t have my coffee #NeverAStanger

I like my coffee hot with froth milk and a hint of chocolate. I was on the coffee shop, ordering a café latte while waiting for a friend. It seems like a long… Continue reading

Books Actually

To be honest, I didn’t plan to have a trip on January this year. But for one particular reason, I need to make this trip be memorable. Especially, I was intended to do… Continue reading

Forgive. Be gentle. Be 2017.

All we hear is new year resolution. In new year, we believe in a new start. After a year of struggles and laugh, we pray for another better year. We all want better.… Continue reading

#NeverAStranger : 101

All over anything, I am not even famous. And, who am I? I am you. Yes, you. You and I are all the same. Basically, we are no one for some people but also the… Continue reading

Morning and A Blank Canvas

What is the importance of morning?   I think morning gives us a chance to decide. Whether we want to continue feeling blue like yesterday, or we decide to jump and give today a kick… Continue reading

I was proven wrong #NeverAStranger

Have you ever feel you’ve made a bad decision and it seems that the world conspired to make it more realistic? It was the very first time I was miles away from home.… Continue reading

Me and The Airport #NeverAStranger

I once heard, “Airports see more sincere kisses than wedding halls.” I might add, airports see more sincere tears than hospital. Until today, I feel that airport had become part of my life.… Continue reading